EasyWords 1.7

Learn foreign languages while working on your computer


  • Plausible theory behind method
  • Comes pre-loaded with 3 langauges
  • Modify frequency and type of question


  • You must download other languages manually
  • Doesn't teach words, it helps you practice ones you know


EasyWords is a lightweight application that will help you to learn a new language by frequently quizzing you on new words you have learned.

EasyWords is based on a simple principle - a window pops up randomly asking you for the translation of a word contained in the dictionary you are using. You can modify the frequency with which the questions are asked, and choose between multiple choice or written answers.

Once set up, EasyWords runs from the taskbar, so you can get on with your normal computer activity in-between questions. The program comes with 3 languages - English, German and Turkish - but you can use EasyWords with a selection of other languages providing you have the relevant dictionary file to upload and use.

EasyWords seems to be based on solid theory. The multiple choice questions are repeated depending on how often you get an answer wrong, while the question options are based on the SoundEx Algorithm, which automatically generates the wrong answers from words that have similar roots to the right answer, making it more challenging.

EasyWords is a great application for language learners - just remember that you need basic knowledge of the vocabulary before you start.

EasyWords supports the following formats

Supports German, Turkish, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and French.



EasyWords 1.7

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